Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things, incorporating images from nature in our worship services, and holding a deep reverence for all things related to the earth have long been characteristics of this congregation.  In 2008, however, we formalized our commitment to the environment by adding the “Environment” portfolio to our board positions. This confirmed our dedication to making sure that the consideration for the environment would be integrated across all aspects of church life. Some initiatives emerging from the environment committee include the following:

  • Eliminating the use of paper and plastic dishes, cups, glasses, cutlery from our kitchen…and urging those who rent our facility to do so.
  • Hosting a yearly “made in Alberta” potluck supper.
  • Inviting speakers and organizing events to highlight issues related to the environment (peak oil; building for sustainability and urban gardening).
  • Supporting the Rio Terrace community garden
  • Conducting an informal audit of our building and recommending changes and upgrades with attention to sustainability and decreased energy consumption.
  • Participation in the annual RTC Earth Day worship and Family event