We worship every Sunday throughout the year at 10:30 am

We warmly welcome all generations.  Children are always and especially welcome, as we offer a “Children’s church” (formerly known as Sunday School) each week during worship time. Typically, the early part of the service is designed to include children and youth, after which they are invited to attend “children’s church” – a programme specifically designed to connect a Christian story, or theme to crafts and an age-appropriate story relevant to today. The lesson and craft are generally related to the theme of the Sunday worship.

Earphones for those who need extra help hearing are available.  We offer large print bulletins and songbooks and our building and sanctuary are wheelchair accessible.

We acknowledge two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion (Eucharist), both of which are available to all regardless of age or religious affiliation.

We reflect our belief in human equality and acceptance of diversity through gender-inclusive language in sermons, prayers, hymns, litanies, lessons, church school curriculum, and musical presentations by the choir. 
Everyone is encouraged to participate in whatever way they feel comfortable: leading worship; writing liturgies; sharing life stories and faith experiences through “now Testaments”; helping to plan a Sunday service; or participating through active listening and presence.

Green is our colour – our sanctuary is filled with vibrant plants of all kind, reflecting our deep understanding of the sacredness of creation. The flexibility in the arrangement of the sanctuary, in addition to the quilts, banners, glass and other art, allow us to celebrate the liturgical seasons, special occasions, and services focused on particular themes.

We recognize that faith is a journey rather than a doctrine. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we are united in our quest for spiritual and intellectual growth, and in putting our faith into practice through our actions.

 Our worship services reflect our Protestant heritage and an openness to the Spirit. We are comfortable with laughter, tears, movement, and hugs before, during and after worship!